July 18, 2014 / by Eric

Oh man! I haven’t had this much to report about a single weekend since that time I left Aric & Benjamin in charge and they tried to rob a cold storage facility only to discover that Kumar couldn’t crack the safe and that Mr. Henry had robbed Bob’s house instead.*

Yes, we will still have our regular Magic drafting on Saturday at noon and 4pm. PLUS we’ll also be co-hosting the Hurley 3000 M15 Release Weekend Sealed Event with Mobius Cycle. Spaces for this 12:30 Sealed Event are still open, buy in is $30 and prize support will be generous. Yes, you heard that right, “generous,” now quit carping, you sharks. Sign in is at noon and caps at 8 people so arrive early and be ready to bring it!

What we WON’T have this Saturday is our 8pm draft. Because at 7pm on Saturday, immediately following our 4pm draft, the lounge closes for a private event to celebrate the upcoming wedding of our very own Dominic and Jenna.

That’s right, somebody’s getting married.

My son just loves those muppets.

And because I’ll personally be very involved with said wedding all weekend, we’re pulling an AL TV

and turning the shop into

Chrithew Ray Games

Just imagine what I could have done with time and some photoshop skills right there.

That’s right, we’re bringing in the philosophical genius of comedy duo and Matthew Martell to the shop and just letting them do whatever they want.

I mean, that’s a good idea, right?


In addition to all the magic, the weddings, the Christhewsphere, there’s also The World Cup (of DoTa). Right here in the Emerald City. This weekend! And to celebrate, we’re hosting an official at the Lounge with Saint Isaac because Skylar’s off in New Jersey conquering Dystopia.

mustache dude fears for New Jersey

New Jersey better watch itself because Skylar and the mustache man are about to GO OFF.

It’s gonna be the greatest weekend EVER!

So get your butt on down to the shop or the lounge, get involved, get crazy, hell, get married! And above all, be you, be happy and keep playing.

I know I will,


*Totally happened.

September 28, 2012 / by Eric
What’s going on this Weekend?

Great question! This weekend is, as everyone everywhere knows, the biggest Magic the Gathering prerelease in the history of mankind. No, seriously. It is. And to celebrate we’re hosting 5 separate prerelease events for you:

Friday at Midnight (only 1 seat left!)

Saturday at 5pm (SOLD OUT!)

Sunday at 12pm, 4pm & 8pm

All of our prerelease events will be held at The Raygun Lounge except for Saturday’s sold out event. Saturday will be a retro event held at The Capitol Club so you can relive the glory of one month ago – because in addition to the craziness of prerelease weekend, our new Lounge is also hosting THE WORLD’S FIRST RAVNICA PRERELEASE WEDDING on Saturday. Yes. It’s true. We will.

Although the ceremony won’t be performed in cosplay with an ordained Avacynian priest

the wedding will feature a private prerelease at their reception and should be pretty darn great.

To up the challenge level for us and add excitement for you, I’ve also scheduled our annual Gamma Ray Games corporate retreat this weekend. That’s right, Amy and I will be leaving for the entire weekend so that we can review the year, get the rest of 2012 in order (booze and rewards fulfillment for the people!) and lay out our shenanigans list for 2013… aaand maybe catch a showcase or two.

As the result this weekend will be the first time that the new Gamma Ray and Raygun teams will be fully on their own since Dominic left for San Diego. I, for one, am super excited to see how they perform on their own in the field.

I trust they will impress you as much as they’ve been impressing me. And if they don’t, well, you know how to contact me.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend of work, weddings and magic.