Gamma Ray Games

Since opening doors in 2009 Gamma Ray Games has been proud to be Capitol Hill’s premiere tabletop gaming store. We carry a huge selection of board, card, miniature, roleplaying and collectible games including many rare and out of print games and have a free custom ordering service to ensure that if we don’t have something on the shelf we can get it for you quickly and easily. Drop by when you’re in the neighborhood and we’ll show you around.

Raygun Lounge

Gamma Ray Games’ Raygun Lounge is a full service tabletop game lounge featuring large, spacious well-lit tables, a great ambience and comfortable seating for up to 60 people. It hosts regular and special events and is available for rental or reservation. Call or email for details.

Who’s in charge around here, anyway?

Although he’d been actively gaming since the age of four, the idea of running a game store didn’t occur to Eric until more than 30 years later. Tired of being marginalized for not being stinky, loud, or ignorant, Eric decided it was time to create a new gaming environment to support his lifestyle. With duct tape, a bag of D20s and a penchant for snazzy shoes, he and a ragtag rebellion repurposed a gorgeous artist workspace into a bright, welcoming game store for all.

Once doors opened in July 2009, Eric discovered there were hundreds of disenfranchised gamers who had been waiting for just such a store. Gamma Ray Games is proud to be the place where people from all around town forge new friendships, form new game groups, discover new callings and share their love of gaming in all its varied forms.

Eric’s participation in Capitol Hill business dates back to 1999 when he worked as an Assistant Manager at Rudy’s Barbershop during its rise from a small Seattle chain into a multi-city establishment. These days, when he’s not DMing for Monday night role-playing, tracking down a special order for a customer, or lining up the next monthly artist to showcase in the store, Eric spends his days humbled and awed at the community that is his privilege to spend his time with.

Our Reviews

“The owner and staff always provide top notch service to me and everyone I see come in, from longtime gamers to clueless parents looking for the next game for their children.”
-Jake W. on Yelp

“The thing that Eric does that I don’t see in other shops is actual action on an owners part to get you to play games. He spends a lot of his time setting up schedules for his customers.”
-Donovan G. on Yelp

“Gamma Ray rocks! They will order you anything and offer great comic book gift wrap. So happy to have a good game store in the neighborhood.”
-Aubrey P. on Yelp

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