October 29, 2014 / by Joe Olk

Honestly, did any of you know Steve Jackson’s OGRE was re-released? It’s been a long time since I’ve thrown up jamscreens and battled the hulking tanks in 2085 A.D.

Here’s a tiny amount of history…

A while ago, back in 2012, Steve Jackson released the “designer’s edition” But the real story began back in 1977. It was the first game Steve Jackson ever developed, and I can only hope that he knew deep in his subconscious that the world needed to simulate large hulking tanks assaulting highly defended futuristic military bases.
And it’s three bucks, which is cheaper than very expensive gum.

This is how excited I am about large tanks. Also, if you do the Carlton dance during the game it really distracts you opponents.


It is from Japan, it’s a wheat beer and it’s adorable. What else can I say? A lot actually, so I’ll try to keep it brief. It’s definitely at wheat beer, but it’s light, refreshing and has more than a touch of ginger. The refreshingness is the key point here, you can down can after adorable can and it stays crisp, never heavy. Which means you won’t feel slowed down as you play Talisman for hour after hour.
In addition, you can peel off little stickers with English words that reveal Japanese words. So, in theory you culd teach yourself Japanese! What other beer can say that? Also, it has a cat on it.

October 08, 2014 / by Eric
The L|td is coming!

In case any of you missed it over on the CHS Blog, the L|td Gallery is moving into the Raygun Lounge and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Skylar is thrilled

Not only does this partnership help us meet our but with Black Coffee leaving, the L|td and the Art Primo Gallery both moving into the neighborhood, and True Love staying awesome right where they are, the corner of Pine and Crawford is about to become the pop culture art walk epicenter of Seattle.

Pine and Crawford as seen from Tukwilla.

The L|td are working hard to get our new space ready for their first show Gods & Monsters featuring work by Augie Pagan and Raygun alumn Aaron Jasinski next Saturday, October 18th at 7pm.

Gods and Monsters

In the meantime, you can come by and see their progress anytime or meet them in person and check out some of their previous prints at our shared booth at GeekGirlCon this weekend.


See you soon,