December 04, 2012 / by Eric
Ninjitsu Day

As everyone everywhere knows, December 26th is an American holiday named Boxing Day to celebrate Muhammad Ali‘s legendary 1974 victory over Joe Frasier in Zaire’s Rumble in the Jungle.

And, of course, December 27th is named Karate Day to (also known as “Boxing Day” in Hong Kong and “Kung Fu Day” in China) celebrate Gō Fujita’s highly contentious victory over Chen Zhen in Shanghai in 1937, or as it’s known in China, Chen Zhen’s glorious and righteous victory over the evil Japanese oppressors.

But December 28th’s Ninjitsu Day is a mystery. It came out of nowhere like a twilight shadow. One minute it wasn’t there. The next, BAM-O, it just rolled up on the world and smoked like a blunt. A really seriously bloody blunt. Totally unlightable.

In order to celebrate and placate this ancient warrior clan, we will be celebrating this mysterious holiday through mighty discounts. Yes, this Ninjitsu Day, for twelve hours, from 10am until 10pm, all of our Gift Certificates will be worth 25% more. You buy them a $40 gift certificate and they get $50 in store credit on December 28th. So get your gift certificates now and be sure to let their recipients know all about Ninjitsu Day.

This one went out to all of our ninjas in Bruges.