May 01, 2015 / by Eric

We’ve been at this for about 6 years (I know, right? Get ready for some anniversary parties starting this June!) and when I say we, most of the time I mean all of us. You, me, Dane, Amy, Skylar, Aric, Andrew, other Andrew, Chrithew, various Jakes… everyone.

But sometimes… just sometimes, people who know me we well know that when I say we, I actually mean just me and the imaginary Dominic over there in the distance, giving obscure advice when I’m near unconsciousness from another unneccesary fight again.

Dominic, more than anyone else, was responsible for building and optimising many of the systems that we still use here today but more than that, he was a friend. A good friend. And I’ve been at a bit of a loss ever since he left for the wilds of San Diego.

So it’s with great joy and enthusiasm that I announce that Dominic’s coming back!
You feel me?

Yes. I know that it’s “just for the Summer,” and that I “shouldn’t expect much,” but you know what? Quit being a Debbie Downer!

Dominic’s coming back! And I am stoked about it. If you’re as stoked about this as I am and would like to see him during his limited counter engagement here, you can see him this Tuesday, Wednesday & Sunday as well as more shifts as the summer progresses.

And for those of you who don’t know Dominic and are thinking, “but Eric, you’re a notorious evil genius. Is Dominic going to be okay around you?”

Don’t worry. He’ll be just fine.