April 25, 2014 / by Eric
You're probably wondering why I've brought you all here today.

You’re probably wondering why I’ve brought you all here today.

We’re proud to announce that Aric “” Fehrenbacher is moving on to a fulltime job at another of our favorite local businesses, Central Cinema. This move will allow Aric to work mere blocks from his new home in the Central District while supporting his film studies at Seattle University (alma mater of other former employees and Matthew Martell).

Aric's new work commute.

Aric’s new work commute.

Aric takes with him several store records including “longest continuous employment” (3 1/2 years, no easy task, I can assure you, have you met me?), “only employee to ever manage both the shop and the lounge” (at separate times, of course, but still impressive) and, “only employee to have ever worked the shop, then the lounge, then both, then just the shop again” (that’s some versatility right there) and, I think it can be said with total honesty that, all along the way, sometimes to my consternation, sometimes to my amusement, he did it his way.

Fuck it. I’ll take the steak knives.

If you would like to pay final tribute to this Gamma Raygun iconoclast, you can visit him during his last counter shift at the shop tomorrow for our all ages Journey into Nyx prerelease event.

Or you can just catch him at the Raygun Lounge sometime. Because let’s be real, it’s not like he’s not still going to be hanging around there all of the time anyways. 😉

Aric, we salute you, wish you well, and look forward to seeing on the other side of the counter again soon.

April 15, 2014 / by Eric
Are you ready to rock, Seattle?

Are you ready to rock, Seattle?

The Journey into Nyx Prerelease is right around the corner. And, as always, we’ve got a range of events available to meet all of your hectic Magic scheduling needs! Including our classic Midnight Draft, as well as Noon and 4pm on both Saturday and Sunday with all-ages overflow events upstairs at the shop.


Fun for the whole family!

Fun for the whole family!

Preregistration is available in person at either the shop or the lounge and is highly recommended as our preregistration events do sell out.

In other Magic news, all of our Mondays over at the shop are now Magic Mondays!



That’s right! Every Monday at Gamma Ray Games, all MtG singles are 20% off.
(Longer if you drink some orange juice.)

And every Wednesday Night at the Raygun Lounge is the New Modern,

Are you into it?

Are you into it?

our long standing ongoing weekly Modern tournament. Entry is only $5 or TOTALLY FREE with a receipt from Gamma Ray Games from the same day for $10 or more.

So come on down to Gamma Ray Games and the Raygun Lounge for all of your Journey to Nyx, Modern Magic and Single Finding needs.