February 21, 2017 / by Ro Chelle
DonnaTella Against Humanity

DSC_0065 (2)

These days Cards Against Humanity is ubiquitous at most game nights. A self-described game for horrible people, the only thing missing from your typical experience is a fabulous hostess judging your attempts at humor in front of a room full of people. Fortunately, once a month graces Capitol Hill with her impeccable sense of style and passion for party games. Competing teams submit answers to the given fill-in-the-blank phrases and attempt to make a drag queen laugh out loud. You get to hang out with Empress Olympia 45 and potentially win great prizes at the same time!

DSC_0019 (2)

This past Friday a couple dozen people battled humanity together in the name of frivolity, fun and friendship. Four teams total – Buck Futters, Fun Bags, More Than Meets The Thighs & Hallah Back Girl – kept the game interesting with high scores in every challenge. Party-goers are treated to rounds of classic CAH as well a random trivia round! Fridays are a busy time in the Lounge but DonnaTella’s vivacious personality keeps her fans captivated amidst the chaos. Potential prizes include discounts on your tab and awesome swag. Make plans to test your wit against other enterprising Cards Against Humanity teams and see if you can persevere. The next event Against Humanity is scheduled for March 17th and can only be found at Raygun Lounge. Our favorite Queen would love to see you there.

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If you just love gaming in general there are plenty of chances left to catch an event at Raygun this month. Thursday, February 23rd, is our next bi-monthly Gaym Night – a great place to meet new people in the local community. Try something completely different when you join the launch party for Food Truck Champion on Friday, February 24th and a playtest for on Sunday, February 26th. The next Lounge trivia night will be held in celebration of Comicon on Thursday, March 2nd. Show up early to get a good seat!


June 23, 2015 / by Eric

Then we’re the place for you! Conveniently located at the corner of gender and sexuality at the gateway to Seattle’s legendary Capitol Hill neighborhood,

Now with rainbow crosswalks!

Now with rainbow crosswalks!

we’re right next to the action and just off the beaten path.

With our full barcade of classic titles like Street Fighter II & Turtles in Time,


we’re the perfect pop cultural respite for you should you need a little nerdy or geeky time in the Emerald City.

Welcome. Welcome.

Welcome. Welcome.

We’ve even got 3 special events for you while you’re here! Starting on Thursday night with our of our weekly . Come out, meet some people, and test your geeky mettle as local fave challenges Iron Quizomancer Andrew in our unique Iron Trivia format that at least one person has taken to calling, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show of Trivia Nights.”

Come on up to the lab.

Come on up to the lab.

Then on Saturday, we’ve got Magic Drafting at Noon and our weekly Standard Tournament at 4pm, both of which are welcoming to guests and boast a healthy GLBT population.

Both on and off the table.

On and off the table.

And finally, on Sunday, you are invited to join us for our Queer Geek boardgame meet up. It’ll be a great afternoon to relax and play some games with friends new and old as you wind down from your crazy weekend and try to remember what exactly did happen last night.

You can learn more about these and all of our other events on our Special Events Page. If you have any additional questions about Seattle, the neighborhood, the scene, or anything else while you’re in town, don’t hesitate to call or come by and we’ll get you sorted.

See you soon,


March 24, 2015 / by Eric
In town for Comicon?

Come on up and see us!

We’re just a short walk away from the Convention Center through Seattle’s premiere Capitol Hill neighborhood. Not only do we have food, drinks (including a beer and cider bar), a tabletop game library and a retro arcade for you


but we’ve got great events for you all weekend long!

Starting with on Friday Night! Across the Board Games, , Skulldug and Sindicate Lager team up to bring you a fun, friendly, welcoming night of party gaming. This is a GREAT way to get to know people and start your con right.

Then, Saturday, at noon and 4pm. We give you your first chance anywhere to draft Magic’s exciting new Dragons of Tarkir set. Drafts will be 2 Dragons 1 Fate, cost $15 per person, run in three round swiss style pods of 8 and have generous prize support. This is a GREAT way to give the new set a spin and come out with some high value cards.

Then, on Saturday Night, come and join the creators of and their special guests from throughout the comics industry for our 2nd Annual , a meet and greet benefit for Gay City.

Rat Queens

And finally, to help you recover from the Rat Queens Social Club and the Pink Party, our BFFs from Queer Geek are hosting a special Comicon edition of their monthly Boardgame Meetup for you to meet people, play games and have a GREAT Emerald City Comicon experience!

So come on up and see us! We promise that we’ll have something fun and engaging for you to do see and experience every day that you are here from noon until at least 10pm every night (later on Saturday 😉 ).

October 08, 2014 / by Eric
The L|td is coming!

In case any of you missed it over on the CHS Blog, the L|td Gallery is moving into the Raygun Lounge and we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Skylar is thrilled

Not only does this partnership help us meet our but with Black Coffee leaving, the L|td and the Art Primo Gallery both moving into the neighborhood, and True Love staying awesome right where they are, the corner of Pine and Crawford is about to become the pop culture art walk epicenter of Seattle.

Pine and Crawford as seen from Tukwilla.

The L|td are working hard to get our new space ready for their first show Gods & Monsters featuring work by Augie Pagan and Raygun alumn Aaron Jasinski next Saturday, October 18th at 7pm.

Gods and Monsters

In the meantime, you can come by and see their progress anytime or meet them in person and check out some of their previous prints at our shared booth at GeekGirlCon this weekend.


See you soon,


November 20, 2013 / by Eric
The Lounge of Tomorrow, Today!

With the wrap of our supergreat 1 Year Anniversary Party last month, we’ve acknowledged and celebrated our first year together. But our work here is still far from done. As anyone who’s ever spoken to me about the lounge knows, I view its buildout and completion as a 3 year project that we are still very much only in the beginning stages of.

One of the things that makes Gamma Ray Games so unique as an experience is not just its location at the corner of gender and sexuality on the edge of hipster town but that we bring those elements, along with art, philosophy and discussion right into the space. It’s always been my goal that if you come into Gamma Ray Games, you’ll walk into an interesting conversation, or at least the opportunity for one. Games are an amazing crossover point where people from different backgrounds, aesthetics and ideas can come together through shared interest and activity to create entirely new social interactions and dynamics.

This year, we’re focusing on bringing this cultural blending into the Raygun Lounge through diversified event programming. Because while the lounge is indeed a tabletop gaming space and will continue to be so for most of its operating hours, it is also a bar. On Capitol Hill. A tabletop gaming focused bar on Capitol Hill that understands and is excited about hosting pop culture related events in a way that no other venue in the area is. And we are actively supporting our community to take advantage of and benefit from having access to such a unique space.

Recently we’ve begun actively reaching out to organizers to discover and create new events that reflect different parts of the Gamma Ray/Raygun/Capitol Hill community. Last week’s was the first concrete result of these efforts and it was an astounding success by every measure.

trivia night

If you missed it last week, we’re doing it again and then switching to every other throughout the holiday season. I highly recommend that you come check it out. If you’re at all excited by games, scifi, fantasy, geekery and the like and want to give your knowledge a go, it’s definitely a good time.

And trivia night’s literally just the beginning. Within the next few months we’ll have pop up markets, national author readings and even a couple of concerts – with groups like the Double Clicks – coming up.

Even more important than announcing everything that’s coming up, though, this post is a shout out to you, personally, to let you know we’d like to host your event too! Let us know what kind of event you’d like to participate in, organize and host and we’ll start looking into how we could make it happen together.

Don't make me get all Uncle Sam on your ass.

Don’t make me get all Uncle Sam on your ass.

We’re not done here. The lounge is not finished or fully defined. We’re just getting started. We’d love to get you and your community in the conversation. Our greater community and our greater conversation will all be the better for it.

We’re looking forward to working with you.