June 18, 2018 / by Eric

At , we fly our Pride Flag all year round.

lounge party
Our Pride Flag in its natural habitat; just hanging out at another great party.

So when Seattle’s official Pride Weekend rolls around, you know we’ve always got a bunch of great regular and Special Events for you to celebrate with us while you’re here. Starting with our our amazing on Thursday.
If you’re not watching Stephen Universe these days, you really should be. It’s totally great. But I digress

Then, over the weekend proper, we’ve got Saturday Morning Magic on, well, Saturday Morning. Does noon count as morning these days? We think it does because that’s when we open! Then on Sunday it’s all day Pride Open Gaming for you and your friends and family of all ages because we’re a great place to stop in on your way to or from Seattle’s official Pride HQ, the Seattle Center, and Seattle’s unofficial Pride HQ, our beloved ol’ Capitol Hill.
rainbow crosswalks
Ah, Capitol Hill… where even the sidewalks are out and proud.

On Monday night as you’re maybe winding down (Or maybe not! Who’re we to judge?)…

This is a “video” not a picture because I can’t figure out how to makes those “GIFs” that you’re all into these days work in wordpress.

we’ve got both a and a for you to compete in!

And you know, while we tend to focus on this weekend of it, Seattle Pride is actually a month long affair so we’re thrilled to be rounding ours out with some with the Grand Arbiter of Madam Askew’s Temporal Entourage.
Grand Arbiter
Our Grand Arbiter in his natural habitat; also, like our Pride Flag, (you see how I just brought this whole post full circle there?) just hanging out at another great party.