August 01, 2014 / by Eric

So after a brief delay while our Washington State Liquor Control Board reviewer stared at the wrong folder for three weeks before finally just hitting send on our approval paperwork…

[Pro tip for all you government bureaucrats out there: If you do accidentally get the completely wrong file on someone despite their repeatedly pointing out that you're quoting the wrong information to them, don't, when you finally realize it, joke with them about it as if that was really funny and probably happens all the time. Also, "Rogue," whoever you are, you are NEVER getting your liquor license. Seriously. Just give up now.]

… we are GO!

The Raygun Lounge is now ALL AGES!

Say it with me now…

That’s right, you knuckleheads! You can draft this Saturday!

Don't wreck the scene though, seriously, or we will come down on you like a hammer.

Don’t wreck the scene, though. Seriously. Don’t. Or we will come down on you like a hammer.

And this means that the shop will be open in our new 501 E Pine Raygun Lounge digs NEXT TUESDAY, Aug 5th from 11am to 11pm. Come in and see what the first week of a new business looks like! Because we will be rebuilding. From scratch. In public. That’s some cutting edge entrepreneurial performance art right there. Don’t miss it!

And for those of you that have expressed an interest in actually helping out with the process, moving day is Monday. If you’d like to move some boxes with us as part of our DIY parade send me an email for details and I’ll try to get back to you by Sunday.

I’m excited. The team’s excited. We’re ready. And we hope you are too. Because the future starts Tuesday and we’re leading it. Come with us.